House Firesong's history is long, and this wiki is an extensive WIP. Check out House Firesong (Moon Guard Wiki) and linked pages on the Moon Guard wiki, all of which and more will be replicated here in time. Contact Sindorei#11264 in game about House Firesong, horde side on Moon Guard!

House Firesong, Elven Mage-Lords of LegendEdit

From myth comes legend, and from legend the Thalassian heroes of today, bearing the weight of thousands of years of ancestral dominance over magic and nature, honed in the fires of the Sundering and giving rise to the great Kingdom of Quel'Thalas. None embody this proud tradition more than House of Firesong, a Highborne family from Vash'jir known for its powerful Mage Lords.

Sunreaver Onslaught final phase

Settling the isolated coastal enclave known as Ashal'Thalas with its capital Bal'adeni one of tall elven spires surrounded by the verdant Central Highlands forest. Even with the northern reaches tainted, over half of Ashal'Thalas is covered by pristine forest generally known as the Central Highlands Forest, though the deep wood connects nearly all of Ashal'Thalas from Ember Watch along the southern sea border with the Amani, to the powerful Dal'felo Spire, seat of the Firesong mage-Lords.

House Firesong is staunchly traditional and questioning of alliances with fel-infused orcs and the unliving, and initiated the Ghostlands Campaign following the last Amani uprising, seizing lands throughout the Ghostlands, and in eastern reaches formally occupied by trolls where ancient trees stand unblemished, established a number of verdant groves, oasises among the blight. The campaign however failed in restoring life and vitality across the Ghostlands, a needed component of any true independence movement, as Quel'Thalas' return to full sovereignty is of utmost importance to House Firesong.

House Firesong seeks of all else to channel the energies of the citizens of Quel'Thalas on the land of its renewal, and not to seal themselves from the world as before, but to seek allies based on shared interest and mutual trust, seeing promise in the recent contact with their isolated kin in Suramar, the Shal'dorei refugee settlement of Belore'aran in Northeast Ashal'Thalas is likely to pave the way for a permanent Firesong mission in postwar Suramar.

Retainers are sought from Quel'Thalas and all elven societies, with many well paid positions available for skilled hired labor or soldiers from horde, alliance, or neutral races. House Firesong's story has taken places largely in the Ghostlands, but with elements across all factions of the Moon Guard community. This compendium brings together all elements of the greater House Firesong storyline and community.

Communication Edit

House Firesong is seeking retainers across its military divisions, and recruiters are easily identified in Bal'adeni. Mail addressed to "Lord Entilzha Firesong, Ashal'Thalas, Kingdom of Quel'Thalas" will reach the office of the Lord Arcanist in the Dal'felo Spire and receive a response. However it is not recommended that any correspondence be sent in the vicinity of Silver Covenant personnel ((OOC add Sindorei#11264 or mail Entilzhà-MoonGuard [alt+0224])).

Explore House Firesong Edit

House Firesong's story is rich and vast. Here are some of our top pages!

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